Yearly Horoscope 2017

Virgo - Kanya
General Forecast

This will be an excellent new year for you. The difficulties you faced in the previous year will come to an end. Since Saturn is in excellent position to protect you in the longer term, you can continue with success. But, you have to be careful on anything you do and think twice before you make any important decision. You will resume your upward journey and see great happiness from September 2017. Overall the second half of this year is looking excellent!

Love and Romance You were experiencing mixed results during the past few months. All those disappointments will come to an end to a certain extent in this year. Year 2017 will end up in having more fights and no romance. That may also create a road to broken relationship in rare cases. If you are having affairs with already married person, then this period can give enormous amount of mental stress and pain. If you are single, you can seek for a new match but think twice. Check your natal chart for good time to get married until August 2017. Kanya girls will be in confused state on picking up the right person. Once you reach September 2017, you will get clarity on your mind and you will start seeing great success and happiness on your relationship, but wait till September to avoid disappointments.

Education Kanya children may experience mixed results in their studies. Sometimes you would not be able to focus your mind onto studies. Your energy levels will go down and you need to work hard to learn new things at schools. Your family environment may not be supportive. Misunderstanding with your close friends would continue to bother you until August. Try to get support from elders and parents. Anyway, after September, you will start picking up your studies very well. You would be able to compete with your peers by later this year. You will win big awards around October through education and sports as well.

Career You had to face a lot of difficulties in the previous year. But your growth might not get affected, but work pressure and tension would go up. While Saturn will continue to give more growth on your career, Jupiter will work hard to collapse the fortunes provided.

Somehow, you would be able to keep the current level until August. You will develop conflicts and friction with your colleagues. You would start seeing excellent growth after the Jupiter transit in September. You may get a new job or promoted to next level by later this year. If you are working in contract position, your job will become permanent around Sep 2017. If you are looking for government job, it will come through as well.

Health You have to very careful about health at least till August. Otherwise, you will get exhausted for doing even small work. There is no fault of your physical body. Saturn will provide enough positive energies so that things would not go out of your control. If you are not careful, you will be surrounded by bad friend circle. You may even get addicted to drinking alcoholic beverages, chain smoking and other bad habits, which can make things even worse for you. You need to maintain good diet and do more work out to maintain sound health. Once you reach September, you will regain your sound health back.