Yearly Horoscope 2017

Scorpio - Wruchchika
General Forecast

Things will be much better compared to the last year. According to your planetary status, the Jupiter is capable of reducing the malefic effects from you. Therefore, you would you can carry the fortunes in this year 2017. You can expect to get excellent relief on your career and finance as well. Though you problems will be solved, you have to be careful during the months of August, September and October 2017, since those months are not favourable for you. Therefore, you need to be more patient during these months. But overall this year is looking much better than that past year.

Love and Romance First half of this year would be an ideal time for lovers. Things will get much better as this year progress. You will find excellent time on romance. If you are single, it is a green light to move forward now. But plan to get married before July because your love life may get affected abruptly from August.

If you are patient enough to cross this challenging period, you would do much better on relationship again from November.

Education Children will do very well on your studies this year. You will get good new friends to support your growth. The problems with your close friends will get fixed. Your family environment will be very much supportive for your education. You will score very good marks on your examination. You may also expect to go through major disappointments by September and October.

Career You would have seen good changes in the last few months of the previous year. The coming year is also looking very good to get new job offer with good salary package. If you are working in temporary position, you will get permanent placement. You will get good and high visibility projects to work on. Long waited promotions and salary hikes are possible around January or June. You can expect other benefits like salary increase or internal transfer.

However, you will have to take more work pressure and tension. You will get compensated with good bonus and stock options until July. But September and October months are not so favourable for you. Sometimes you may get into problems with no fault of yours due to hidden enemies.

Health You will have to be very cautious about your health; especially you will feel a lot of mental stress. Somehow, you would get great recovery on your health as this year progress. Your stress level will come down. You will come out of your physical ailment. You need to focus more on religious activities, especially meditation or prayers and charity work to calm down your mind.