Yearly Horoscope 2017

Sagittarus - Dhanu
General Forecast

The coming year is not so favourable for Sagittarians. The miserable period you experience would continue for a few more months. You will have problems on your health, family, career and finance. Make sure to stay on the conservative investments to protect yourself from financial disaster. You need to focus more on religious activities, especially meditation or prayers and charity work to calm down your mind.

Love and Romance Many Sagittarians would have got married during the previous year. But you would be still experiencing minor problems on your relationship. You will have face more challenges in the coming year too since Saturn will move onto your 1st house. Therefore, you will be having more fights than romance.

Avoid having affairs with already married person since such relationship will damage your good relationship with your spouse. It is not a good time to start looking for a match. Make sure you have very good friends that can guide you very well during this hard phase.

Education Your parents may find fault on your and will get annoyed. You would be interested in playing with your friends, but not doing your studies in time. You would also not develop good mindset to concentrate on your studies. You need to work so hard to get good marks. You mental stress would be high.

Career Your office environment may not be so favourable for you and you may have some obstacles at your workplace. You may have to get used to face harassments at your workplace starting from February. This is not a time to look for your career growth or salary hikes, rather than survival and look after your personal problems.

If you are working in foreign land, then visa problems may come up and will travel back to homeland. Government employees will have difficult time with no growth.

Health It is not so favourable for the health of Sagittarians at the beginning of the year. By February, you may start having mental anxiety and depression. Therefore, you have to be very careful. You have to be careful about your eating habits. It is much better if you could focus more on religious activities, especially meditation or prayers and charity work to calm down your mind to keep getting more positive energies to stay balanced on your life. You will get benefits at the end of the year starting from October after the Jupiter transition.