Yearly Horoscope 2017

Pisces - Meena
General Forecast

During the past few months, you would have made excellent progress in your life. This year too you would continue to do well. You can expect to see many positive changes on your life with respect to your health, family and relationship, career, finance and investments until August 2017.

However, you will have to experience a mixed bag of both positive and negatives results as well. You can use the time period until August 2017 to settle down very well on your life. Think twice before making any important decisions after September 2017.

Love and Romance Lovers are going to experience a very LUCKY new year. They will have very good time on romance with the beginning of this year. It is a very good time to express your feelings and discuss with your parents and get married.

If you are single, you will find a suitable partner. It is better to get married sooner than later during the current favorable Jupiter transit which is going to take place by January. There is no surprise if you fall in love now. But you need to be bit careful from September. You may develop unwanted arguments and misunderstanding that can increase your worries. You need to stay patient enough to have good time with your mate.

Education Children will perform better in the coming year. Their minds will be very active and energetic. Any exam of test you appear will give you better results. Your problems with your close friends, boy or girl friends will also get solved and you will be happy about your friendship. Your friends and family members will be very much supportive for your growth.

Career You will continue to rock in this new year 2017 as well like you performed in the previous year. There is no surprise if you have changed your job recently. You will have very good work life balance. You may also get promoted to next level though you did not expect such a thing.

This is an ideal time to get a permanent job in government sector. You will get good name and fame in the workplace. If you have applied for transfer, it will come through now. If you have problems in your natal chart, that will affect your career. You may have to go through unwanted changes at your workplace.

Health Very favourable period for your health. You can maintain sound health for sure. You will come out of physical ailments. Your energy level and confidence will go up. You will come out of your mental anxiety and will not have any fear. Your physical health will improve a lot.

However, you have to take care of your health well from October. All major planets Jupiter are making transit and you will have setback too at the end of the year.