Yearly Horoscope 2017

Libra - Thula
General Forecast

During the latter part of the past year, you must have experienced difficulties because of disappointments and financial problems. You would have gone through many sleepless nights due to travel and hosting or attending functions.

2017 is looking very good since you will be coming out of all those difficulties completely. You can expect to see big fortunes coming through but on the slow phase. So it is not the year to enjoy the fortunes but plan to start something new and big fortunes will come through in the upcoming years.

You would continue to stay in good position on your career and family until September. The last two months would give you mixed results.

Love and Romance This year is going to be a hard time for lovers. You will have more fights and less romance. Somehow, your powerful planets can help you a lot to stay in relationship. If you are a single, you can start looking for match as long as you are running an unfavorable period. Plan to get married before September.

You need to be careful when you reach September 2017. After September, your planetary position may affect your relationship badly and may even create temporary separation. You may have to deal with family politics. Since Saturn is in good position, you will be able to handle the problems successfully with patient.

Education This is will be one of the most successful year for students. They will perform very well in their studies and can compete well against others. Your parents and teachers will also continue to support you. You will get very good friends and spend your time happily. You will score excellent marks on your examinations.

Your parents will be happy to see your growth and progress. You will have good time on your vacation.

Career You will do very well on your career in the first half of this year. Your work pressure will go down. You will know how to manage your office politics. If you are looking for new opportunities, there will not be any major changes. But you can expect non-monetary benefits like transfer to another location or immigration benefits around March.

By September, you will have unwanted changes at your workplace. Sometimes you may have arguments with your boss and colleagues. This is not a time to look for your career growth or salary hikes. You would be able to keep your job safe for entire this year 2017.

Health You will experience minor health problems this year. Most of those will be due to food habits such as excessive eating and irregular sleeping schedule. You would be on travelling a lot and that can make you get tired. ou need to do more workouts to bring down and maintain your weight. You may experience more health problems from September. If you get the get the right medication, it can put back things into normal. Anyway, there is nothing to be worried in this year.