Yearly Horoscope 2017

Gemini - Mithuna
General Forecast

You are going to experience the LUCKIEST year in your life. Your planets are in excellent position at the start of this year. Even when Saturn moves onto next sign by October 2017, you will not get affected since Jupiter will continue to protect you during its next transit as well. You will have positive changes in every aspect of your life including health, family and relationship, career, finance and investments. There will also be minor setback when Saturn moves onto 7th house from Feb 2017 for couple of months. Those would be minor effects and you would continue to move up steadily in this year 2017. Therefore, the coming year will be filled with lot of fortunes and happiness.

Love and Romance You will develop smooth relationship as this year progress. You will find excellent time on romance by going out to various places for entertainment. Singles will find ideal match and get engaged. It is an ideal time to get married as well since your love marriage will get approved by your parents.

It is also a good time to propose your love with your mate. Mithuna girls will be happy to receive new love. You will be happy on your relationship for the whole year.

Education Children will continue to perform well on their studies. You will plan your studies very well and you will be very successful on your education. You will score very well in your exams. Your problems with your close friends, boy or girl friends will get solved and you will be happy about your friendship. Your friends and family members will be very much supportive for your growth.

Career Year 2017 will be a remarkable year for your career. You will see great success on the projects you do and you will get excellent rewards and promotion for the hard work you put in. You will clear interviews easily and new job offer may come with domestic or international relocation for you. Even you will receive offers from big companies.

Your work pressure will go down and you will get enough work life balance. It is going to be a most fortunate time period for government employees. If you have applied for transfer, it will come through now.

Health You would be able to maintain sound health for entire year. People suffer from chronic depression would also come out and can start leading life happily. You will be more confident than before. Your energy levels will be more. You would not get tired even after working for so many hours.