Yearly Horoscope 2017

Capricorn - Makara
General Forecast

During the last few months of the past year, your progress would have been very good and you would have made excellent performance. This year 2017 too is going to be an excellent year on your life since many positive and life time changes can be expected.

You are unlikely to get affected during this year 2017. You will continue to do good on your family and relationship. Overall this year will mark a best time on your life since both Jupiter and Saturn are in excellent position to deliver big fortunes for you.

Love and Romance Capricorn lovers will come out of relationship conflicts and will develop smooth relationships during this year. You will find excellent time on romance through various activities. Singles will find ideal match and get engaged. It is a good time to get married as well since your love marriage will get approved by your parents.

It is a time for you to utilize the opportunities to settle down on your relationship very well. It is also a good time to propose your love with your mate. Girls will be happy to receive new love proposals that can make you dance in the sky.

Education A very good year for children. The students will continue to perform much better this year. You will get clarity on what and where you want to study. You will plan very well and you will be very successful on your education. If you sit for exams, you will score very well.

Your friends and family members will be very much supportive for your growth. If you want to continue your education after a long gap, this is a good year to start since the two and half years are looking good in a row.

Career You will have excellent career in this year 2017. You will see great success in your career and get excellent rewards and promotion for the hard work you put in. You will clear interviews easily and new job offer may come with domestic or internationally. Your work pressure will go down and you will get enough work life balance.

This is going to be a most fortunate time period for government employees. If you have applied for transfer, it will come through now. If you have experienced any legal issues at your work place, everything will get settled now.

Health Very favourable for Capricorns. You would be feeling very healthy when this new year begins. You would be able to maintain sound health during the entire year. People suffer from chronic depression would also come out and can start leading life happily. You will be more confident than before. Your energy levels will be more.