Yearly Horoscope 2017

Cancer - Kataka
General Forecast

You would get better results until July 2017. From August 2017, sometimes you may face many problems on family, career and finance. Saturn on your 5th house can make your life miserable, especially giving you more mental stress and painful incidents. If you are running favorable maha dasa or having good planets in correct positions, then the intensity of the problems would go down a lot. You need to focus more on religious activities, especially meditation or prayers and charity work to calm down your mind. Somehow, you will get some relief during February 2017.

Love and Romance This is not a very favourable year for lovers. Sometimes you may end up in having more fights and no romance which may create broken relationship. Pain in love is indicated on the cards especially for those who are having affairs with already married person. It is better not to look for new match until October 2017.

Education Students have to work so hard to get better results. You may undergo mental stress it would not give you any fortune. Anyway, you will get the marks for the hard work you did, without any fortunes. The time period from February 2017 and May 2017 can give you very good relief. The last two months of this year 2017 will give you better results.

Career You will have many obstacles at your workplace. Therefore, you may have to get used to face harassments at your workplace as well. This is not a time to look for your career growth or salary hikes, rather than survival and look after your personal problems. You will get better results after October 25th. This will be an excellent period for your career. So you would be able to keep your job safe without losing it. Avoid getting into any new relationship or having close intimacy at your workplace. Since problems are likely through this channel. You may get into problems without any fault of yours.

Health This year is going to be challenging year on your health aspect. You will get mental and physical relief after February 2017. It will last for a couple of months. Once you reach November, then you have to be very careful.