General Forecast

You would continue to carry the fortunes you experienced during the latter part of the year 2016. You will experience many positive changes on your life with respect to your health, family and relationship, career, finance and investments until Aug 2017. You would experience some temporary setbacks in February, 2017 as a result of Saturn moving onto your 8th house for a short period of time. Once Jupiter transit happens by September 11, 2017, you will be placed under severe testing period.

Overall, you will experience big fortunes and great success is indicated for you until August 2017 and then it is going to be a challenging period for you.

Love and Romance

You should always try to choose the correct person as your lover. Your planetary position may help you to select the right match for you. If you are having extra marital affairs, you would come out of it completely and start leading life happily with your spouse. You will enjoy the sweetness of love.

If you are a lover, you will be able to convince their parents for their wedding and get married by January 2017 or July 2017. It is better to get married sooner than later during the current favorable Jupiter transit. If you are single, it is an excellent time to find a suitable and move forward with engagement and wedding.


Children will do extremely well in this new year 2017. Your mind will be very active and energetic and you will be able compete very well. If you sit for an exam by April to June 2017, you will score very well. Your problems with your close friends, boy or girl friends will also get solved and you will be happy about your friendship.

You may start feeling loneliness from Oct 2017 with the change in new place and with new people. If you are entering the University in Sep 2017, then you will have to be extra careful. Try to get enough support from your parents and close friends.


You will continue to rock in this new year 2017 as you performed in the previous year. There is no surprise if you have changed your job recently. You will have very good work life balance. Your boss will be happy with your performance. You may even get promoted to next level, even you did not ask for. You will get good name and fame in the workplace. If you have applied for transfer, it will come through now.

Be careful after September 11, 2017 because you may experience certain setbacks in your career. Sometimes you may have to go through unwanted changes at your workplace and your work pressure will be more.