General Forecast

The first half of this year is not looking so good for you September 11, 2017.  Saturn will be on your 8th house until Oct 25, 2017. This too can also make your life miserable most of the time during this year.

You cannot enjoy any great benefits out and you are likely to go through many hard phases on your life. You need to be careful on pretty much every aspect of your life, including health, family, career, business, finance, wealth management and legal issues until Oct 25, 2017. As long as you can manage to stay in the current level on your life until October 25, 2017, that would be a great achievement for you. Things will get changed and you will see good fortunes during the last two months of this year.

Love and Romance

Problems will be created on your relationships while Saturn provide excessive mental stress. There will be problems on your love affairs as well. Lovers will develop conflicts and arguments, possibly moving towards breaking up the relationship. You need to have good natal chart support to pass this hard time until October 2017. Once you reach November 2017, you will start seeing good fortunes on your love and romance. Until then you need to move forward with your natal chart support.

If you are single, then you will not make any progress until October 2017. Even if you are looking for new relationships on your own, that can also cause more pain to and your good name may get affected on your family environment.


Children, the students will get affected emotionally. Parents may find fault on you and will get annoyed. You would be interested in playing with your friends, but not doing your educational work in time. You would not develop good mindset to concentrate on your studies. You need to work so hard to get good marks. Your exam paper evaluation would be very strict.

You will get the association of bad friend circles and you may even get addicted to various bad habits.  Your time is looking very good October 2017 and you would be able to catch up on your education by later.


Not good for your career.  Sometimes you may end up in having performance warning notice suspension, even without your fault. If you are working in banking and finance industry or universities, you need to be extra careful. You may also be asked to work on the low quality projects. You may have to get used to face harassments at your workplace as well. Even if you give complaint about your problematic colleagues or boss, things will backfire and you will get more problems.

As long as you can stay at the current level without losing your job until September 2017, then it would be a great achievement for you. If you have lost your job or expecting any new opportunities, it will come through only by November or December 2017. Government employees will have very hard time until October 2017.


You need to take care of your health very well. Both your body and mind will get affected adversely. Sometimes you may develop problems on your liver, hip bones, joints, back or gall bladder. Unfortunately, there is no surprise if you have to go through any minor surgeries.

You would come out of your health problems completely when you reach end of November 2017.